Seagrove Village Market II



2017 AIA Merit Award
New Construction
Northwest Florida Chapter

Local restaurant owners were interested in relocating a beloved restaurant that had been in operation
since 1949. The existing building was purchased and was being demolished to make way for a
condominium. For the new building, it was important to update the restaurant while retaining the same
feeling of the original building – a comfortable space that evolved over time as needed.
A painted block façade with a playful awning faces the street. This is reminiscent of the façade of the
original building. Playful angles along the south side of the building direct patrons to the entrance and
help the building address the street. A screen porch runs the length of this side of the building, offering
a space for outdoor dining, and an open‐air porch at the second level provides a private space for
employees to take breaks.
The exterior materials, painted CMU and siding, give a feeling of familiarity while also being durable.